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Action-packed first trailer for Goosebumps unleashed
by Tom
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Action-packed first trailer for Goosebumps unleashed

An action-packed first trailer for the big budget adaptation of Goosebumps has been unveiled. Scroll down and click to watch it. 

The movie is inspired by the best-selling books of R. L. Stine and stars Jack Black, Amy Ryan, Avery Jones, Odeya Rush and Dylan Minnette. 

Black stars as Stine, who writes the Goosebumps stories and keeps all the ghosts and monsters in the series locked up in books in his home. When Zach (Minnette), a new kid who just moved next door to him and daughter Hannah (Rush) unintentionally releases the ghouls and the monsters from the storybooks, the three of them are forced to team up in order to put the monsters back where they came from. 

The original Goosebumps book series ran from 1992 to 1997, with various spin-offs released in the years that followed. In all, Steine has sold over 350 million copies of books in the series. 

The movie will be released into US cinemas on October 16th, but we'll have to wait a while longer for it in the UK, with a release date of February 5th next year.

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