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Aladdin - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Aladdin - Five Reasons You'll Love It

After the huge success of Beauty And The Beast, Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book, Disney continue to raid the back catalogue of their animated classics in search of new live-action hits. The latest arrives this week in the shape of Aladdin. 

First released in 1992, the film grossed over $504 million at the box office and saw a generation of awestruck children fall in love with Robin Williams' genie as well as bask in wonderment at the film's spectacle. 

Now, 27 years later, it gets a sparkling new reboot. 

Aladdin tells the story of a street urchin who vies for the love of a beautiful princess named Jasmine. To try and win her affections he uses a genie's magic power to make himself off as a prince in order to marry her, only to run into serious trouble along the way. 

Power Rangers star Naomi Scott, newcomer Mena Massoud and Will Smith take the three key roles.

Scott, who played Pink Ranger in this year's Power Rangers reboot, will play Jasmine, with Massoud, who has had small roles in medical dramas Open Heart and Saving Hope, taking the title role. Smith will play the genie. 

Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban, Nasim Pedrad, Billy Magnussen and Numan Acar co-star, working for director Guy Ritchie.

The film hits DVD shelves on Monday (September 23rd) but, back before it hit cinemas, we caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons why you'll love it...


It's spectacular...

The trailers for the film made it look like a brooding re-telling, but this is a bright and colourful film, full of spectacle and big set pieces. 


And a lot of fun...

This has verve and zip, with some great one-liners, lots of charm and a big heart. 


It keeps the charm of the original, but with some key updates...

Though it borrows heavily from the 1992 film for plenty of the visuals and the lion's share of the songs, there are some much-needed updates, namely Naomi Scott's Jasmine, who is given far more agency and a couple of her own songs in this new movie. 


Will Smith is having a great time...

Ask most people what they remember about the 1992 animation and it will be Robin Williams' genie, so Smith has a lot to live up to. He doesn't try to copy Williams, instead bringing his own brand of humour and dash to the part. He's charismatic and very well cast. 


So is Marwan Kenzari...

The Dutch actor brings it all as the scheming Jafar. He brings a touch of Alan Rickman's Sheriff of Nottingham along with a dash of Angelina Jolie's Maleficent to this role. He's wild, unrepentant and incredibly watchable. 


Aladdin is released on DVD on Monday (September 23rd) and is available to pre-order here. 


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