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Alan Ritchson to star as Jack Reacher in new TV series
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Alan Ritchson to star as Jack Reacher in new TV series

Ever since the publication of The Killing Floor in 1997, the Jack Reacher series of novels by British author Lee Child have been something of a phenomenon, with the exploits of his ex-military policeman turned private investigator capturing the imaginations of a huge worldwide audience - one that has seen the series translated into as many as 49 languages sell more than 100 million books to date.

Child's protagonist made his first appearances on the big screen in 2012's Jack Reacher and its 2016 follow-up Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, both of which were helmed by Christopher McQuarrie and starred Tom Cruise in the leading role.

When talk of a TV series first emerged, Cruise seemed a natural fit to continue his role in the series, but for all his obvious star power Cruise was initially a controversial choice amongst die-hard fans of the novels; Reacher is 6”5', while Tom Cruise stands at approximately 5”7.

Cruise's involvement began to seem less likely when Amazon bagged the rights to a TV adaptation and installed Nick Santora as its showrunner, who indicated that the series would be a much closer adaptation of Child's novels and would begin with the story in The Killing Floor.

Santora, whose previous work includes series such as The Fugitive and Most Dangerous Game, has now found his leading man, with Titans star Alan Ritchson confirmed to be starring in the new series. Previously appearing films such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and as Aquaman in TV series Smallville, Ritchson is certainly a much closer physical match to the character in the novels, reportedly standing at around 6” 4'.

The news series is currently in pre-production, although no release date has yet been announced.

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