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Andy Serkis opens up about the delays on his new take on The Jungle Book
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Andy Serkis opens up about the delays on his new take on The Jungle Book

Andy Serkis has opened up about the delays to the release of his new adaptation of The Jungle Book. 

The film was expected to be titled Jungle Book: Origins, but now has been given the new name of Mowgli, after the story's lead character. 

The movie has suffered numerous delays on the way to release. It was due to be released in October 2016 and was then delayed until October 2017. It is currently due to hit cinemas on October 19th in 2018.

In Serkis's new adaptation, Christian Bale will voice the role of Bagheera the panther, with Cate Blanchett as Kaa the Python. Peter Mullan will voice the part of Akela, leader of the wolfpack, with Naomie Harris and Eddie Marsan voicing other wolves in the pack.

Tom Hollander is also in the cast, voicing the role of Tabaqui the jackal, while Benedict Cumberbatch will voice the film's villain, the tiger Shere Khan. 

Speaking to about the movie, Serkis said of its current state: "We’re about three months away from completion, so I’m hoping to finish in April or May. It’s been a long journey to this point. We shot it and then I went away and shot Breathe and then I’ve come back to it. I wanted to give time for the new facial capture technology to mature and to give a bit of time before we put out this new version.”

Then asked how the movie would differ from the Disney version, which arrived in 2016, Serkis said: "It’s a darker, more PG-13 version of the story, compared to the Disney one. The central performance is incredible, this young boy called Rohan Chand, he’s been incredible."

On the delays, Serkis said that far from a problem, they've actually been helpful as they've allowed him to do other projects. He said of this: "It’s allowed me to do Black Panther, to do Star Wars, I’ve been editing the whole time. Even while I was shooting this in Atlanta and I was running back to the edit suite and working on it."

Serkis was speaking ahead of the release of Black Panther, in which he also stars. 

You can read a new interview with Serkis as well as Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman and Letitia Wright tomorrow (February 14th). 

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