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Angel Has Fallen: Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Angel Has Fallen: Five Reasons You'll Love It

After two movies in which Gerard Butler's maverick Secret Service agent has seen off all manner of terrorist threats to the life of the President of the United States, this week Butler returns to reprise his role as Mike Banning for a third time, and this time he's facing a very different enemy.

Angel Has Fallen arrived in cinemas this week and sees Butler return for a third movie in the Fallen franchise, with Morgan Freeman also reprising his role as Allan Trumbull, who finds himself promoted to US President. New additions this time around include Jada Pinkett-Smith, Nick Nolte and Danny Huston.

The film is in stores this week and, ahead of its release in cinemas earlier this year, we caught a screening and rounded up five things we think fans of the franchise will love about its latest instalment...


The action is turned up all the way to 11

If you're looking for explosions, pyrotechnics and an insanely high body count, this is the place to find them. Just like the other movies in the franchise, the action comes thick, fast and very, very loud. It's pretty relentless.


It flips the script on the two previous instalments in the Fallen franchise

Having spent the first two movies battling against external forces, Angel Has Fallen turns the familiar narrative on its head and this time the threat comes not from terrorists, but from inside the White House itself, giving the series a welcome refresh.


Jada Pinkett-Smith's FBI agent is as cold as they come

Over the years we've seen Jada Pinkett-Smith in a wide variety of roles, from a lawyer on the crusade for justice (Collateral) to an uptight mother rediscovering her wild side (Girls Trip), but here, as FBI agent Helen Thompson, she's as ruthlessly focussed as we've ever seen her, stepping over bodies without batting an eyelid.


Morgan Freeman and Nick Nolte add some much-needed gravitas

While there's no doubting the film's credentials as a high-paced action flick, the plot sometimes feels quite flimsy, but the addition of heavyweights such as Freeman and Nolte help to balance out some of the movie's sillier moments.


It's one of Gerard Butler's most intense performances yet

The films in the Fallen franchise have always seemed to take themselves quite seriously, but it's likely you'll have much more fun watching the latest instalment if you don't – it's big, dumb, high-octane fun that harks back to some of the more explosive action movies of the 1990s, for better and, sometimes, for worse.

But while Angel is Fallen is best taken for the spectacle it is, that hasn't prevented Gerard Butler from taking his role extremely seriously indeed. Here we find him delivering one of his trademark over-the-top performances and if you're a fan of Butler's action-hero style, in his latest outing you'll find him at his vein-bulging, eye-popping best.

Angel Has Fallen is available in hmv stores now - you can also find it here in our online store.

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