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Angelina Jolie joins cast of Taylor Sheridan's Those Who Wish Me Dead
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Angelina Jolie joins cast of Taylor Sheridan's Those Who Wish Me Dead

Angelina Jolie has become the first confirmed cast member for Taylor Sheridan's upcoming adaptation of Michael Koryta's 2014 novel Those Who Wish Me Dead. Sheridan and screenwriter Charles Leavitt are adapting Koryta's story, which revolves around a 14-year old boy who witnesses a murder. In order to protect him from the killers in the run up to the resulting murder trial, the boy is given a new identity and placed into a wilderness skills programme for troubled teenagers. However, a pair of twin assassins are hot on his trail and the boy soon finds himself on a life-or-death chase through the Montana wilderness, with a growing wildfire threatening to consume them all.

Garrett Basch and Steve Zaillian of Film Rites and Bron Studios’ Aaron L. Gilbert are producing the film. It's not clear exactly what role Jolie will play in Sheridan's new film and details on how the book's story will be adapted for the big screen are still being kept under wraps, but the producers are reportedly planning to begin shooting in May this year, after Sheridan has completed work on the second series of Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner. There's no mooted release date as yet, but we expect there will be more updates and cast additions over the coming weeks.

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