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Annabelle: Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Annabelle: Five Reasons You'll Love It

Later on this week, Annabelle, the chilling horror that is both a spin-off and prequel to The Conjuring, hits screens all over the country. We caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons you'll love it...


There’s a decent amount of gore..

For what The Conjuring lacked in good, old-fashioned blood and guts, Annabelle just about makes up for. Even though this supernatural branch of horror isn’t usually lauded with a lot of gore, the inclusion of a fair amount of it here brings great balance to the scares — just when you think you might get either, you’re sometimes treated to both. Aren’t you a lucky viewer?


The techniques are less predictable than in The Conjuring...

If you enjoyed that film, then this prequel, while not being as much of a well-rounded work, feels much more wholesome than just a cheap spin-off. It’s interesting how its events take place prior to those of The Conjuring — and there’s less use of classic horror moves (creeky doors, grandfather clocks, and so on). It’s easy to connect to the two central characters, who are both equally likeable, and this greatly aids the film’s tensity.


There's a brilliant contrast between ‘evil’ and ‘good’...

This film is stuffed full of religious themes and allegories. We've got the couple who are experiencing the horror, they are church-goers, seeking the advice of their priest when the demons’ reign becomes too heavy, and research is undertaken in books on the subject. We also see human figures bringing some carnage — a man and a woman — who both follow a twisted cult which devotes itself to the reckless pursuit of soul stealing.


You’ll not be left feeling unfulfilled...

Annabelle isn’t the greatest horror movie ever made, by any means, but it’s a diverse and exciting flick full of surprises. Some of these surprises we’ve seen before, not to mention in The Conjuring, though still, they shock. The film fulfils most if not all expectations regarding suspense, and exceeds them regarding blood and gore. It’s an unpretentious scarer, and runs at a perfect length to avoid bordering on boring.


There's just the right amount of locational change...

Although most of the blood-pumping stuff takes place at the family’s house, the film moves between certain other places, including a giant church and a creepy bookshop — another aspect which boldly sets Annabelle aside from its predecessor and ramps up the diversity. The choice of a church and bookshop in particular are clever, and we’re treated to extremely graceful camera motions in the latter.


Annabelle is released on DVD & Blu-Ray on Monday March 2nd

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