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Bad Neighbours: What You Need To Know
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Bad Neighbours: What You Need To Know

Bad Neighbours, or Neighbors as it’s simply known to our friends across the Atlantic Ocean, comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (September 8th). The smash-hit comedy grossed over $260 million at the box office on a measly budget of just $18 and wowed audiences across the summer. It stars Seth Rogen. Rose Byrne, Dave Franco and Zac Effron, it’s hilarious and here’s what you need to know about it…


What’s The Plot?

Mac and Kelly Radner are reluctantly settling into middle age, happily married with a new-born daughter, they now reside in leafy suburbia, where everything is sedate and quiet. But that’s all about to change when a notorious fraternity move into the house next door.

Eager not to seem like fuddy duddies, Mac and Kelly head over to meet the frat’s president Teddy and his right-hand man Pete, who agree to try and keep the noise down when they throw parties. The boys have one condition though, always ask them first to turn the noise down before they call the police.

But one night, when the party’s raging, the pair lose patience and call the police, who immediately reveal that the couple are the ones to notify them. Then, well, it’s game on and war between neighbours…


Who’s in it?

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star as Mac and Kelly, with Zac Effron in full trouble-maker mode as Teddy and Dave Franco on wisecracking form as his partner in crime Pete. There are also brilliant turns from Kick-Ass star Christopher Mintz-Plasse as frat boy Scoonie, Submarine leading man Craig Roberts as the wonderfully named Assjuice and Lisa Kudrow, who plays the Dean of the College the frat boys attend.


Does it deliver?

And some. We’ve all seen this premise this before, but there’s a surprising amount of depth here, with a real wistfulness and sadness in both Rogen and Byrne’s performance as they deal with moving from being the rowdy troublemakers into the responsible adults. Oh and more brilliant gags and comic set-pieces than you could possibly need.


Bad Neighbours is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (September 8th).

Bad Neighbours
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