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Beauty And The Beast - Five Reasons You’ll Love It
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Beauty And The Beast - Five Reasons You’ll Love It

After the success of Cinderella, Maleficent and The Jungle Book, Disney have taken another of their animated classics and adapted it for a live-action spectacular, this time it’s the beloved Beauty And The Beast.

The movie stars Harry Potter's Emma Watson as Belle, with Dracula Untold star Luke Evans playing muscle-bound villain Gaston and Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens in the role of Beast/The Prince. Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad and Stanley Tucci also have key roles.

Bill Condon, who directed both of the final parts of The Twilight Saga, is in the director's chair, with the script coming from Perks Of Being A Wallflower writer Stephen Chbosky and The Huntsman: Winter War's Evan Spiliotopoulos. Alan Menken, who penned many of the classic songs for the original animated movie, returns for the new effort, adding several new songs.

The story, which has been told in many ways by many people over the years, is this: we begin with a young Prince, who is rich beyond measure, but whose wealthy and power has made him arrogant and cruel. Then one night an old beggar woman arrives at his castle and asks for shelter, a request he refuses and pays dearly for doing so when she turns into a beautiful enchantress and turns him into a hideous beast and his staff into household objects. A curse that will stay in place until he finds true love.

Years later we meet Belle, a sparky, but oddly thought of girl in a small French village, who is taken prisoner by a Beast in his castle in exchange for the freedom of her father Maurice. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle's enchanted staff and begins to grow very fond of the beast. But there’s a problem: Gaston, the vain and brutal ex-soldier who wants Belle’s hand in marriage, will stop at nothing to win her hand, a vow that puts everyone in danger.

The movie is on DVD shelves now, but we caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons you’ll love it...


It looks wonderful…

Taking the dancing and singing candlesticks, clocks and teapots is probably a lot easier when you just have to animate them, but the effects team and Condon have done a fine job in bringing to life the spark and wonder that drew so many to the animation.


The live sets in particular…

No expense has been spared here, particularly in bringing to life 18th century France. The sets are lavish, the costumes are spectacular and action set pieces are full of gusto.


All the cast are on good form…

Watson does a fine job as Belle while Stevens is particularly good as the growling, downbeat Beast. McGregor’s Lumiere and McKellen’s Cogsworth are particularly charming too.


But Luke Evans and Josh Gad steal the show…

Evans plays Gaston, a thick-necked, small-brained thug who is desperate to marry Belle, while Gad plays LeFou, his doting sidekick. Together they make a fine double act with both playing the roles with a wink and a smile. It also helps that they’ve got all the movie's best one-liners…


The songs are great…

All the old classics are brought wonderfully back to life, in particular, Emma Thompson’s rendition of the title track and Evans and Gad’s thunderous take on ‘Gaston’.


Beauty And The Beast is available to order on DVD now.

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Beauty and the Beast
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