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Ben Wheatley to direct new zombie TV series Generation Z
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Ben Wheatley to direct new zombie TV series Generation Z

Director Ben Wheatley, best-known for films such as Kill List, A Field in England and J.G. Ballard adaptation High Rise, is due to make his return to TV directing with his first original project for television - a new Brexit-themed zombie series for Channel 4.

Generation Z will represent the first time Wheatley has directed for TV since he worked on two episodes of Doctor Who for the BBC in 2014, having previously directed for comedy series such as Ideal and Modern Toss.

His new series is set in a small British town whose inhabitants - particularly the younger generations – are struggling with the effects of Britain's exit from EU. But as bleak as thing seem, they're about to get a lot worse; when a military convoy crashes just outside the Sunnywise Retirement Home, leaking a mysterious toxic chemical into the local environment, its pension-collecting inhabitants begin to develop a desire for human flesh and begin rampaging across the town.

The new show is being produced for Channel 4 by The Forge (Kiri, Collateral), with Wheatley also acting as executive producer. In a statement the director said: “I’m excited to be working with Channel 4 and The Forge. Generation Z is my first original created TV project and I couldn’t think of better partners.”

There's no projected release date for the new series as yet, but Generation Z is expected to go into production in 2020.

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