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Ben Whishaw replaces Colin Firth as voice of Paddington
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Ben Whishaw replaces Colin Firth as voice of Paddington

Ben Whishaw has stepped in to replace Colin Firth as the voice of Paddington in the forthcoming big screen adaptation of the classic children's book.

Firth left the project dramatically earlier this year after he and director Paul King mutually agreed that his voice did not suit the bear.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, King said that he had found himseld hearing Whishaw's voice in his head when thinking about the role and knew he had to cast him, he said: "I slowly found myself hearing [Whishaw's] voice when I was thinking about Paddington. He breathes and he speaks and he sounds like Paddington,  rather than the most beautiful chocolate-voiced man [Firth] on the planet."

Whishaw himself, who has already begun recording the voice, said he was initially hesitant to take the role, but has quickly grown to love it, he added: "I resisted a little bit, because I had a bad experience doing this kind of work  in the past and I thought I was no good at it. But I was persuaded to go. Now I just arrive and wear this funny helmet that has a camera attached to it. It's highly mysterious to me. I just  see what they've done on screen, which is really beautiful and very exciting."

Paddington also stars Peter Capaldi as Mr Curry, Nicole Kidman as Millicent and Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown. It will be released into UK cinemas on November 28th. 

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