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Benedict Cumberbatch to voice villain in Jungle Book: Origins
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Benedict Cumberbatch to voice villain in Jungle Book: Origins

Benedict Cumberbatch has signed up to voice the role of villain Shere Khan in a new adaptation of The Jungle Book.  

The film, which is titled Jungle Book: Origins, is being directed by Andy Serkis, best known for his role as Gollum in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, with Callie Kloves writing the script and her father Steve Kloves producing.

This is the second adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic novel The Jungle Book to be announced. Already in production is a new Disney adaptation, with Jon Favreau directing and Idris Elba voicing Shere Khan. Also confirmed to lend their voices are Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson and Christopher Walken. 

Jungle Book: Origins is set to be released into cinemas on October 21th, 2016, a year after Disney's version, which is released on October 9th, 2015.

This is the second time in recent months that Cumberbatch has voiced a villainous animal after he lent his voice to Smaug, the enormous dragon in The Hobbit film series. 

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