September 2, 2021

The best Blu-ray & 4K reissues coming in September 2021
by James

by James Forryan

hmv London; 02/09/2021


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The best Blu-ray & 4K reissues coming in September 2021

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Beasts of No Nation and Walk on the Wild Side amongst the best movie reissues coming this month...

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Titans of Cult Limited Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Steelbook

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Titans of Cult Limited Edition 4K Steelbook

Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright’s 2010 adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim comic series by Bryan Lee O’Malley arrived amidst the second and third instalment of the director’s “blood and ice cream” trilogy and its vivid style was in stark contrast to the likes of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but which quickly earned the film a kind of cult status. The soundtrack is great too, with contributions from the likes of Frank Black, Beck, Blood Red Shoes and The Rolling Stones, to name a few.

Wright’s film becomes the latest addition to the Titans of Cult range this month, with a stylish new Steelbook edition heading to stores on September 27. Alongside goodies such as a collectable ‘Everything SUX’ Steelbook case, a Sex Bob-omb enamel pin and a “randomised” fake movie poster by Lucas Lee, there are also a range on bonus materials on the disc including deleted scenes, pre-production footage, four different feature commentaries and a ‘Making Of’ documentary.

The Fog - Limited Collector's Edition

The Fog - Limited Collector's Edition

John Carpenter

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis in a tale of long-dead passengers emerging from a ghostly shipwreck to weak revenge on a small Californian beach town, The Fog is one of five classic films from master of horror John Carpenter to receive the restoration and reissue treatment this month. Along with They Live, The Thing, Escape From New York and Prince of Darkness, The Fog has been the subject of a new 4K restoration and is set to arrive in Ultra HD for the first time on September 20 in the form of a limited ‘collector’s edition’ spread across four discs, including UHD and Blu-ray presentations of the film, a bonus features disc and a CD of the film’s original soundtrack.

Also included are a set of five art cards, a poster and a 48-page booklet, while the bonus disc includes a new 'Making Of' documentary featuring interviews with the film’s production crew, a brand new featurette looking at some of the films Carpenter never got to make, and a range of other materials including commentaries, storyboards, outtakes, photo galleries and more.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - The Criterion Collection

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

David Lynch

Serving as a feature-length prequel to David Lynch’s cult series Twin Peaks, Lynch’s 1992 film was somewhat maligned on its initial release and polarised critics and fans of the show alike, who argued over the film’s more serious tone and its often confounding narrative, but Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me has undergone something of a critical reappraisal in recent years and certainly remains a cult favourite for some.

The film becomes a new addition to the Criterion Collection this month, who are set to release a a new, director-approved 4K restoration of Fire Walk With Me on September 13. Included amongst the range of extras are a new interview with actor Sheryl Lee, a selection of archival interviews with Lynch, Ray Wise and Grace Zabriskie, as well as a 90-minute reel of deleted and alternate takes from the film, assembled by Lynch himself.

Walk On the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side

Edward Dmytryk

Edward Dmytryk’s 1962 film stars Jane Fonda alongside Laurence Harvey and Barbara Stanwyck in a tale set in a 1930s bordello in New Orleans, where a man’s search for an ex-lover leads to shocking revelations about her new life and a dramatic turn of events for his traveling companion. Featuring a stunning original title sequence by Saul and Elaine Bass, the film is due to be reissued this month by Arrow Video, who are due to release a new reissue of this underrated gem on September 6.

Alongside a new Blu-ray presentation of a new 4K restoration of the film, the new edition also includes extras such as an archival interview with Dmytryk and new interviews with historian Richard Dyer, critics Kat Ellinger and Samm Deighan, and co-author of Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design, Pat Kirkham.

The Servant - Collector's Edition

The Servant - Limited Collector’s Edition

Joseph Losey

Released in 1963, Joesph Losey’s adaptation of the short story of the same name by Robin Maugham not only featured a screenplay by playwright Harold Pinter, but also a BAFTA-winning performance from Dirk Bogarde, alongside cast that also includes James Fox, Sarah Miles and Wendy Craig.

A new, limited collector’s edition of Losey’s film arrives in stores on September 20 and features a stunning new 4K restoration of the film (presented in a choice of two aspect ratios) as well as a 64-page booklet, poster, art cards and a range of bonus materials including archival interviews with Losey, Pinter, Craig and Miles, and an interview with James Fox conducted by Richard Ayoade.

Beasts of No Nation - The Criterion Collection

Beasts of No Nation

Cary Joji Fukunaga

First released in 2015, this gritty war drama set in West Africa from No Time to Die director Cary Joji Fukunaga stars Idris Elba alongside young Ghanaian actor Abraham Atta, who gives an outstanding performance in the role of Agu, a young boy recruited as a child soldier in an increasingly violent civil war.

Following the boy’s journey through the war and his struggle to readjust to normal life in its aftermath, Fukunaga’s film becomes a new addition to the Criterion Collection this month, with a new reissue on Blu-ray heading to stores on September 27. Included in the Criterion edition is a new 2K presentation of the film overseen by Fukunaga himself, two new documentaries of the film’s development and production, and new interviews with Fukunaga and costume designer Jenny Eagan.