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Best TV of June 2021: previews five of the best shows...
by Tom
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Best TV of June 2021: previews five of the best shows... previews five of the most exciting TV dramas that will be coming to your screens in June...


The Handmaid's Tale

(Channel 4)


Elisabeth Moss returns to lead the fourth season of the hugely successful dystopian drama. 

In the new 10-episode run, Moss's June takes the fight to Gilead as the whole, but with ever bigger obstacles standing in her way as she searches for her daughter, Hannah. 

Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Alexis Bledel, Madeline Brewer, Ann Dowd, O. T. Fagbenle, Max Minghella and Samira Wiley are all back to star, while Zawe Ashton and Sam Jaeger join the key cast.



(Sky Comedy)


David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed return to spearhead a second run of this sparky comedy. 

Schwimmer plays Jerry Bernstein, an NSA agent assigned to act as liaison to the cyber crimes unit in the UK's Government Communications Headquarters, who quickly antagonises everybody in his path.

In this second series, Bernstein, fresh from narrowly avoiding extradition to the United States on treason charges, finds himself the centre of attention once again when the Russians obtain a cyberweapon that Jerry himself helped develop...


Prodigal Son 

(Sky One)


The second and final season of the spiky drama arrives in June. 

Lead by Michael Sheen and Tom Payne, we follow Payne's Malcolm Bright, son of Sheens' Martin Whitly, an infamous serial killer known as "The Surgeon".

As a child, Malcolm helped the police arrest his father and has not seen him for over a decade, but he is forced to re-establish contact. 

Now working for the New York Police Department, Malcolm is forced to confront his father after a copycat serial killer uses Whitly's methods of killing.

In the second run, we follow Payne as his family's ever-more complex history gets even bloodier...

Starring alongside Sheen and Payne are Lou Diamond Phillips, Halston Sage, Aurora Perrineau and Bellamy Young, while Catherine Zeta-Jones joins the cast for the second season. 



(BBC One)


Sean Bean and Stephen Graham unite for Jimmy McGovern's new brutal drama. 

The three-parter tells the story of Bean's Mark Cobden, a newly imprisoned man who quickly finds himself way out of his depth in the volatile world of prison life.

He is then introduced to Graham's Eric McNally, a principled prison officer doing his best to protect those in his charge.

However, when one of the most dangerous inmates identifies his weakness, Eric faces an impossible choice; between his principles and his family.

Starring alongside Bean and Graham are Siobhan Finneran, Sue Johnston, Hannah Walters, David Calder, Nadine Marshall, Michael Socha, Aneurin Barnard, Jack McMullen and James Nelson-Joyce. 



(Sky One)


The curtain comes down on Melissa Benoist's turn as Kara Danvers and Supergirl with a sixth and final season. 

In the final run, Lex Luthor is hellbent on conquering the multiverse. As part of that, he has successfully imprisoned Kara in the Phantom Zone, meaning her friends must figure out a way to bring her back out...

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