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Blade Runner sequel brought forward to October 2017
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Blade Runner sequel brought forward to October 2017

The hugely anticipated sequel to Blade Runner has been brought forward. 

The sequel, which will star a returning Harrison Ford along with Dave Bautista, Robin Wright and Ryan Gosling, was due to hit cinemas on January 12th in 2018, but has now moved up to October 6th in 2017. 

Denis Villeneuve, best known for his work on Sicario and Prisoners, has taken Ridley Scott's place in the director's chair, working from a script by Alien: Covenant scribe Michael Green and original co-writer Hampton Fancher. 

Plot details are being kept secret, but it is known that the new story will be set a number of decades after the completion of the original movie. Shooting on the sequel will get underway in July. 

Released in 1982, the original movie was set in a dystopian Los Angeles told the story of Ford's Rick Deckard, a man who hunts down genetically engineered androids visually indistinguishable from adult humans known as replicants. 

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