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Bleed For This - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Bleed For This - Five Reasons You'll Love It

After being put through the wringer to play a browbeaten jazz drummer in Whiplash you'd have thought Miles Teller might have fancied a nice romantic comedy or a drama where he gets to sit behind a desk, but nope, nothing of the sort. 

Instead he takes on the role of boxer Vinnie Pazienza in this gritty biopic from Boiler Room director Ben Younger. The movie follows Pazienza as he battles back from a near fatal car accident that almost left him paralysed and back into the ring.

It's out on DVD on Monday (March 27th), but we caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons you'll love it...


It's based on an incredible true story...

The film is based on the boxing career and life of Vincenzo Edward Pazienza (a.k.a Vinny Paz) who held world titles at both middleweight and light middleweight. However in 1991, a car accident saw Vinny suffer two broken and one dislocated vertebrae and doctors said he would never fight again. But just over a year later, he was back in the ring once more and continued to box for over a decade after the injury, winning 50 of his 60 fights. What a story!


Miles Teller is on Oscar-worthy form here...

Despite the film not quite performing as well as was expected at the US box office, there is still a lot of Oscar buzz around the film particularly for Miles Teller's performance. Throwing himself into the role, the actor cut out bread, sugar and alcohol as part of his fitness regime that saw him lose 20 pounds and get down to 6% body fat and the results show on screen: coupled with sincerity and ferocity, Teller delivers a career best performance.


It's got some heavyweight producers and you can tell...

When the film was first in post-production, a 12-minute promo reel was shown to buyers at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival where Open Road Films bought it for a cool $4million. But while many won't know too much about them, it's seeing legendary producer Martin Scorsese's name attached that will get them excited. While he wasn't too hands on with the making of the film, his seal of approval gives it much credibility, that man knows how to make a boxing movie after all...


Director Ben Younger handles the story superbly...

Bleed for This marks only the third film of acclaimed director Ben Younger, who shot to prominence with 2000's Boiler Room, set in the world of underground brokerage firms that featured a young Vin Diesel. He then made romantic comedy Prime in 2005 before disappearing from the radar for eleven years. But Bleed for This shows that even with such a lengthy absence, Younger has lost none of his talent with another visercal, dramatic film.


The real Vinny Paz cried and so will you (maybe...)...

A corny reason to seek the film out for sure, but when the real Paz saw the finished film he couldn't help but well up. The boxer said it was hard to watch his parents portrayed on-screen as they are no longer with us, but also hoped that the film would inspired viewers to "go out and do something great". 


Bleed For This is available to pre-order on DVD now in hmv's online store 

Bleed for This
Bleed for This

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