Five Reasons You’ll Love It - June 7, 2020

Bloodshot - Five Reasons You'll Love It
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Bloodshot - Five Reasons You'll Love It

Being brought back from the dead is always a tricky business, and so it proves once again this week, with the release of Bloodshot. 

Based on a long-running and beloved Valiant Comics series, the film follows Ray Garrison, a soldier who has been killed, who is re-animated with powers of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood. 

Crucially, he's also had his memory wiped. Though, once he discovers that fact, he quickly moves from super-soldier for hire to a man hellbent on revenge...

Vin Diesel leads the way as Garrison. Starring alongside him are Sam Heughan, Guy Pearce, Lamorne Morris, Eiza González and Toby Kebbell.

Dave Wilson, who has cut his teeth in special effects for video games, makes his feature film debut with Bloodshot. 

The film is available to purchase here from hmv's online store. 

Back before it hit cinemas, we caught an early screening and have put together five reasons why you'll love it...


There are some brilliant action sequences...

Wilson is in his element with some serious wow factor in the action sequences. There's a particularly brilliant tunnel chase and an explosive ending. 


It keeps you guessing until the very end...

You'll wonder from the off who is manipulating who, and the script keeps on twisting and turning. It doesn't go the way you think...


Diesel commands the film...

Diesel is one of Hollywood's larger than life action men and he's totally in his element here. A tough guy with a taste for action and a rebellious streak. It was tailor-made for him. 


The supporting cast delivers...

It's Diesel's film, but there are some excellent supporting roles. Sam Heughan is great as cynical mercenary Jimmy Dalton, Eiza González delivers as damaged war veteran KT and Guy Pearce enjoys himself immensely as scientific mastermind Emil Harting. 


There's room for more...

We'll give nothing away, but we feel like there's plenty of rope for Ray Garrison to climb up if this movie delivers at the box office. 


Bloodshot is available to purchase here from hmv's online store. 

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