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Bodyguard: Five Reasons You’ll Love It
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Bodyguard: Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Pulling in a whopping 10.4 million viewers for its climactic final episode, Jed Mercurio’s thrilling political drama Bodyguard, led by an outstanding Keely Hawes and Richard Madden, has been a big hit for BBC One and kept a nation on the edge of their sofas every Sunday night for the last several weeks.

Having taking the nation by storm the show is set to arrive in stores on DVD next week (Monday October 1st). If you’re the type to arrive late to trending TV shows and are looking to binge-watch the whole thing, here are five (mostly) spoiler-free things you’ll love about the series…


It’s one of the most edge-of-your-seat dramas the BBC has produced in years

Even amongst shows like Mike Bartlett’s gripping drama Doctor Foster. Bodyguard still stands out for its ability to ramp up the tension and Jed Mercurio really doesn’t mess around; within minutes of the opening credits Richard Madden’s war-veteran-turned-cop David Budd is facing a nail-biting life-or-death scenario, and from there on in there’s barely a moment to catch your breath. It’s easy to see why this has been one of the most-watched programmes the BBC have delivered in recent years.


Keely Hawes and Richard Madden are both excellent

Taken individually, Keely Hawes’ portrayal of the icy, calculating politician and Richard Madden’s turn as a steely ex-army man barely concealing the effects of PTSD would both be worthy of acclaim, but it’s the chemistry and the tangible sexual tension between their two characters that really sets this series alight and makes it irresistible viewing.


The whole series is incredibly well cast

It’s not just the show’s star turns putting in brilliant performances here; practically every character is impeccably cast and there are so many great performances on offer it’s difficult to single anyone out, but Ash Tandon, Gina McKee, Vincent Franklin, Paul Ready and Pippa Heywood all deserve a mention for their efforts. The addition of real-life BBC stalwarts such as Nick Robinson and John Humphreys is also a nice touch and adds a layer of realism to the drama.


It’s not afraid to take risks

By now it’s no secret that Jed Mercurio has made some pretty bold choices regarding its main characters, and while this does make the second half of the series a very different beast to the first, it also cleverly left viewers refusing to believe their own eyes right through to the last episode. That’s no mean feat in a genre that generally follows a well-trodden path and you have to give Mercurio some credit for being brave enough to pull it off.


The storyline will keep you guessing until the end

Mercurio already had plenty of form for gripping TV shows with creations like Bodies and the excellent Line of Duty already under his belt, but he’s excelled himself here with a story that delivers layer upon layer of subterfuge and suspense to keep you glued to the screen.




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Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Five Reasons You’ll Love It