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Brad Bird confirms he is working on a sequel to The Incredibles
by James
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Brad Bird confirms he is working on a sequel to The Incredibles

The Incredbles director Brad Bird has confirmed he is working on a script for a sequel to the hit 2004 animation. Speaking to NPR at the weekend, Bird confirmed that a new script is "percolating", adding that "I'm just starting to write it, so we'll see what happens."

The sequel was first announced in March last year, but since then there has been very little in the way of updates until now. Bird also bemoaned the need to combat increasing levels of piracy, saying that "It's very difficult nowadays because everyone has a device with which they can ruin your movie. They print things on paper so that nobody can copy them, but they also make them impossible to read when you're on the set."

The news will no doubt cheer fans of the first Incredibles movie, although it looks like it's still very early days and the cast has yet to be announced, so whether the likes of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson will reprise their roles remains to be seen, but the second film is pencilled in for a release in summer 2016.


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