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Bradley Cooper in talks to star in Paul Thomas Anderson's new drama
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Bradley Cooper in talks to star in Paul Thomas Anderson's new drama

The COVID-19 shutdown may have temporarily halted Bradley Cooper's work on Guilermo del Toro's upcoming thriller Nightmare Alley, but it seems that hasn't stopped him from eyeing up his next project and it looks as though he could be lining up a role in a new drama helmed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cooper is in talks to star in Anderson's next film, an as-yet-unnamed drama understood to be set in the 1970s in California's San Fernando Valley - the same setting featured in several of Anderson's previous films including Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love and Boogie Nights.

Anderson has written the script and is co-producing alongside Sarah Murphy under his own Ghoulardi Film Company banner, with Focus Features recently picking up the project from MGM. The film was originally scheduled to begin production in spring, but the studio is now planning to begin in the autumn, with the obvious caveat that a lot depends on when they are able to begin working again in Los Angeles.

Details of the film's plot remain under wraps, but Anderson has previously offered a few vague details about the film's main storyline, which apparently revolves around a kid attending high school in the Valley. It's unclear what role Cooper is being considered for, although some have speculated it could be a teacher at the aforementioned high school, but neither Cooper's reps or the studio have offered any comment as yet.

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