Five Reasons You’ll Love It - March 23, 2016

Bridge Of Spies - Five Reasons You’ll Love It
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Bridge Of Spies - Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Steven Spielberg’s new thriller Bridge Of Spies was one of 2015's best movies and hits DVD shelves on Monday (March 28th). It stars Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance and tells the story of James Donovan, Donovan was a lawyer who was first forced to defend Rudolf Abel, a Russian spy captured by the US in 1960 and was then forced to negotiate for the release of Gary Powers, a spy plane pilot who was shot down over Russia.

We caught an early screening of the thriller and have rounded up five reasons why we think you’ll love it...


The period detail is incredible…

Spielberg’s attention to detail has always been phenomenal, his movies always look stunning and like no expense has been spared, nothing in that department has changed with Bridge Of Spies. The costumes, the courtrooms, and, in particular the scenes in 1960s Berlin are all so lovingly crafted.


Tom Hanks is on top of his game…

Hanks isn’t as prolific as he used to be, but he’s lost none of his ability to command a film. As the troubled, but principled Donovan he grounds the movie superbly, as charismatic and charming as ever he was.


Mark Rylance too…

Rylance has only been on screen at all a handful of times, but he’s such an assured presence already. Here as Russian spy Rudolf Abel he’s quiet, measured and surprisingly funny, here’s to many more movies for the Wolf Hall star.


The supporting cast are excellent…

Most of the attention here is on Hanks, but there are also excellent turns from Amy Ryan as Donovan’s wife Mary, Mikhail Vitalievich Gorevoy as the slippery Ivan Schischkin, Sebastian Koch as the staunch lawyer Wolfgang Vogel and Scott Shepherd as Donovan’s handler Agent Hoffman.


It’s such a thrill ride…

With a script from the Coen Brothers this was always going to be in good hands, but you won’t be bored for a second. The film gathers pace quickly and is filled with tense exchanges that will keep you absolutely gripped.



Bridge Of Spies is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (March 28th). You can order it here. 

Bridge of Spies
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