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Nicolas Cage confirmed to join Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’
by John
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Nicolas Cage confirmed to join Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’

Cage will join Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Timothy Olyphant in the thriller.

The casting for Oliver Stone’s film about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is almost complete after news that Nicolas Cage has signed up to appear emerged overnight. Details as to the casting are scant as of now but it is known that Gordon-Levitt will play the role of Snowden in the film.

Nicolas Cage last worked with Oliver Stone on his movie World Trade Centre and has been much sought after in recent months, working on thrillers The Runner and The Trust, as well as David Gordon Green’s Joe.

Stone is basing his movie on a book by Snowden’s Russian Lawyer Anatoly Kucherena which details the American’s attempts to seek asylum in Russia after leaking top secret NSA documents to the media.

Oliver Stone has long been defined as being a very political director and the tale of Edward Snowden – who is both seen as a hero and despised as a traitor in the US – sounds very much like something he’d be interested in.

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