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Casting details revealed for Minority Report TV adaptation
by John
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Casting details revealed for Minority Report TV adaptation

Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi action movie is being reimagined for TV

Stark Sands, who you might remember from Inside Llewyn Davis, has been cast alongside Anchorman 2’s Meagan Good in the TV adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi crime thriller Minority Report.

Sands will play one of three ‘precogs’  called Dash who is attempting to lead a normal life but is stricken with flashes and visions from the future where he meets Meagan Good’s detective, a character who is haunted by her past.

As if that wasn’t enough for Sands, he will also play Dash’s identical twin brother Arthur, both of whom possess and ability to see into the future and predict murders before they happen.

Laura Regan (Saving Jessica Lynch), Daniel London (the original Minority Report) and Li Jun Li (Mistress) are also all attached to appear in the pilot.

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