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Channel 5 lands new Batman spinoff 'Gotham'
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Channel 5 lands new Batman spinoff 'Gotham'

Channel 5 has landed the broadcasting rights to FOX's upcoming Batman spinoff Gotham, featuring an origin story for one of its most well-known characters, Commissioner Gordon. The channel's head of aquisistions Katie Keenan expressed their delight at bagging the rights to broadcast the new show, which is expected to air in Autumn this year, saying: "Gotham is a thrilling drama built on iconic characters that fascinate. Channel 5 is delighted to become the home of such a powerful, bold and visually stunning show."

The show will star Ben Mackenzie taking on the role of the young Gordon and will also feature Jada Pinkett Smith, Donal Logue and Sean Pertwee. A prequel to the Batman stories from movies like Tim Burton's Batman and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series, the show will air in the U.S. from 22nd September, with UK airings to follow shortly after.

Watch an extended trailer for the new series below!


Official Extended Trailer | GOTHAM | FOX BROADCASTING

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