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Chris Pratt and Tom Holland to voice Pixar's new adventure Onward
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Chris Pratt and Tom Holland to voice Pixar's new adventure Onward

Chris Pratt, Tom Holland and Octavia Spencer are among the voice cast for Pixar's new adventure, which is titled Onward. 

The film has been written and directed by Dan Scanlon, best known for his work on Monsters' University. 

Set in a world pop­u­lated by elves, trolls and sprites, where uni­corns trawl through rubbish bins like candy-striped pos­sums.

In the story, magic was real but has long since been for­got­ten and re­placed by mod­ern tech­nol­ogy, and finds two teenage broth­ers whose fa­ther died when they were too young to re­mem­ber him. They set out into this fantasy world to spend one last mag­i­cal day with him.

Speaking about the project, Scanlon said: "At Pixar, we try to create stories that come from some kind of personal truth. This film was inspired by my own relationship with my brother." The siblings lost their own father at a young age, so it draws from the family tragedy too."

Julie-Louis Dreyfuss is also on voice duty for the film, which will be released in March 2020. 

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