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Chris Rock to reboot horror franchise Saw
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Chris Rock to reboot horror franchise Saw

Actor and comedian Chris Rock is to oversee a new reboot of horror hit Saw. 

According to Variety, Rock will collaborate with producers Lionsgate to work on a new spin-off. 

Speaking about the move, Lionsgate chairman Joe Drake said: "When Chris Rock came to us and described in chilling detail his fantastic vision that reimagines and spins off the world of the notorious Jigsaw Killer, we were all-in. Saw is one of the highest-grossing horror franchises of all time and it’s one of Lionsgate’s most successful film series."

He continued: "This upcoming film will still be as mind-bending and intense as all the previous Saw films. Chris conceived this idea and it will be completely reverential to the legacy of the material while reinvigorating the brand with his wit, creative vision and passion for this classic horror franchise.”

Rock added: "I’ve been a fan of ‘Saw’ since the first film in 2004. I am excited by the opportunity to take this to a really intense and twisted new place.”

Rock's reboot will be released on October 23rd in 2020.  It has a  screenplay is based on a story conceived by Rock and written by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. 

Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed the second, third and fourth instalments of the franchise, will direct. 

The Saw series has yielded eight movies thus far and over $976 million in box office receipts. The most recent instalment, Jigsaw, was released in 2017. 


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