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Cyberpunk video game Deus Ex set to become Hollywood movie
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Cyberpunk video game Deus Ex set to become Hollywood movie

Deus Ex, the multi-million selling video game, is to become a Hollywood movie, it has been confirmed. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, production giants CBS Films have tapped writer Michael Finchwriter of Predators, to adapt the game for the big screen, with Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh acting as producers. 

Deus Ex mixes first-person shooter, role-playing and stealth elements, with players taking the role of a nanotech-augmented operative of the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition named JC Denton. 

Set in the year 2052, Denton is working as an anti-terrorist operative who suddenly finds himself caught up in a vast, deep and ancient conspiracy, encountering fictional recreations of organizations such as Majestic 12, the Illuminati and the Hong Kong Triads throughout his journey.

There have been four instalments in the Deus Ex series so far, Deus Ex, which came out in 2000, 2003's Deus Ex: Invisible War, 2011's Deux Ex: Human Revolution and last year's Deus Ex: The Fall. 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Cinematic Trailer

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