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Daddy's Home 2: What You Need To Know
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Daddy's Home 2: What You Need To Know

Back in 2015, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg co-starred in a comedy that saw Ferrell's awkward stepdad Brad Whitaker competing for the affections of his children with their biological father, Wahlberg's motorcycle-riding hotshot Dusty Mayron. The film was a hit with audiences and the stage was set for a sequel, which finally arrived in cinemas last year.

This week sees Daddy's Home 2 arrive in stores, and this time the two dads have brought along their two dads too...


Who's in it?

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Linda Cardellini all return to reprise their roles from the first film, while new additions to the cast this time around include Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, Alessandra Ambrosio and John Cena.


And who's directing?

Sean Anders, who directed the first film and others including Horrible Bosses 2, returns to the director's chair for the sequel.


What's the plot?

We pick up with Brad and Dusty having reconciled their differences and become 'Co-dads', with both men pitching in to take care of the kids and Dusty having remarried to Karen (Ambrosio), himself becoming a step-dad to her daughter Adrianna in the process.

Each Christmas in the intervening years, the kids have been taking turns spending time with each set of parents, but with the holidays fast approaching, this time around the whole family is getting ready to spend Christmas together for the first time. But that means inviting the grandparents too.

When they go to collect their respective dads from the airport, it's immediately obvious that Brad's father Don (Lithgow) and Dusty's dad Kurt (Gibson) are chalk and cheese, with Kurt taking a particularly dim view of Brad and Dusty's co-parenting arrangement.

Kurt hires a cabin for them all to stay in during the holidays, but it isn't long before tensions begin to arise. After various disagreements – largely the result of Kurt's efforts to stir things up between Brad and Dusty – things begin to come to a head when all four men attend an improv comedy show and Brad persuades Don, an improv veteran, to head up onto the stage and join in with the show. When Dusty suggests the topic of infidelity, Don subsequently reveals that he has split up with Brad's mother.

To get back at Dusty, Brad invites Adrianna's real father Roger (Cena) to join the gathering and matters reach boiling point when Dusty and Brad fall out over who gets to play Joseph in the nativity play.


Does it deliver?

If you enjoyed Daddy's Home then you'll probably find plenty to like about the sequel too; lots of slapstick comedy, some great casting and an enjoyably silly storyline make this well worth watching, even if it's one to save until Christmas rolls around again.

Daddy's Home 2
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