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Dan Akroyd has plans for extending the Ghostbusters franchise
by James
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Dan Akroyd has plans for extending the Ghostbusters franchise

It's one of the best-loved films of the 1980s and the possibility of a third Ghostbusters films has had fans on tenterhooks for what seems like forever, but Dan Akroyd has bigger plans for the future of Ghostbusters.

The actor is considering a Marvel Universe-style approach to the future of the Ghostbusters franchise that goes beyond merely making a third film. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: “It’s beyond just another sequel, a prequel, another TV show,” explains Aykroyd. “I’m thinking, what does the whole brand mean to Sony? What does Pixar and Star Wars mean to Disney? What does Marvel mean to Fox?”

“Not just another movie or another TV show, but what’s the totality of it? The whole mythology from the beginning of their lives, the end of their lives. Ghostbusters at nine years old, Ghostbusters in high school.

“That’s the ambitious thinking that’s going on now. Taking on the model of Marvel where we take all of the elements that are in this movie and we put them out there as different ideas.”

We're all for it, Dan, but let's get that third film made first shall we?

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