November 29, 2013

Day of the Doctor: More questions than answers?
by David
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Day of the Doctor: More questions than answers?

Last Saturday saw The Doctor celebrate his 50th Anniversary with a bang of ‘Timey-Wimey’ excellence. Things got off to a fantastic start with the surprise return of 8th Doctor, Paul McGann (making his first screen appearance since the 1996 TV movie), in the prequel minisode, The Night of the Doctor. Then at 7:50pm, the moment had come: The Day of the Doctor arrived with the original opening sequence from 1963, leaving over 10 million speechless UK viewers with a grin wider than the Rings of Akhaten.

The episode served not only as a tribute to the classic era, achieved by some brilliant cameos from Doctors past, present and future (leaving every audience member in our screening emitting an audible squeal), but also to set out a story that would cement the show’s next 50 years; something Steven Moffat has most certainly achieved.

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With such brilliant chemistry between David Tennant and Matt Smith, along with John Hurt’s War Doctor wearing a constant look of bemusement towards 10 and 11 (“They're screwdrivers! What are you going to do? Assemble a cabinet at them?”), the 3 Doctors proved a massive hit. Along with the terrifying return of the Zygons, Nick Hurran’s brilliant direction giving the feel of a sci-fi blockbuster and that final shot of all 12 Doctors - not to mention Tom Baker’s excellent cameo - The Day of the Doctor cranked the action up to 11 and delivered everything it set out to achieve, guaranteeing another 50 years of adventures through space and time.

But the show did leave us with some unanswered questions:

We still haven’t had the resolve of the time crack from Series 5 that Steven Moffat promised. Will it appear in the Christmas special? Will it hold the secrets to Gallifrey’s rescue?

What happened in the under gallery after the 3 Doctors went to deliver the Moment? Did the Zygons and UNIT reach a successful treaty?

How could every past Doctor know to go back to Gallifrey during the Time War and save it?

How did Clara and the Doctor escape the time stream on Trenzalor? And will Trenzalor return in the Christmas special?

Did the Curator (AKA The 4th Doctor) give Osgood his scarf? Ok, maybe not a very pressing question, but we’d still like to know…

We’re sure a lot of these questions will be answered in the Christmas Special, which will see Matt Smith leave the show in what is being promised as a spectacular farewell to a phenomenal Doctor.

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The Day of the Doctor: The Second TV Trailer

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