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Dexter Fletcher takes over as director for Bohemian Rhapsody
by James
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Dexter Fletcher takes over as director for Bohemian Rhapsody

Following the bombshell earlier this week that saw Bryan Singer fired by Fox as director of Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, it has now been announced that Sunshine on Leith and Eddie the Eagle director Dexter Fletcher is the man stepping into singer's shoes for the remaining few weeks of filming.

Fletcher is reportedly due to being work next week and although there were supposedly less than three weeks remaining on the shoot, it's unclear at this stage whether Fletcher may decide to reshoot any scenes, or if this will delay the film's projected release date, which is currently scheduled for December next year.

There had been reports suggesting that Fox were already scouting for a replacement before Singer's departure was made official, but the studio says this is not the case and that Fletcher is the only person approached for the job.

Fletcher is a long-established actor known for roles in films such as Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, and while he only has a handful of directing credits to his name as yet, films like Eddie the Eagle and Wild Bill have been well received by critics and audiences alike and he is clearly someone Fox trusts to complete the job while minimising delays.

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