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Director James Mangold shares new images from Logan
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Director James Mangold shares new images from Logan

With just a few weeks to go until the arrival of James Mangold's Logan, the third and final of the X-Men spin-off movies centred on Wolverine, the director has shared some more new images from the set of the film via Twitter.

The images are the latest in a series revealed by the director over the last few months and the new images offer a look at lead actor Hugh Jackman and co-star Patrick Stewart, the latter appearing as a frail and ageing Charles Xavier, better known of course as Professor X.

In another new image shared via his Twitter account, we also get a look at Dafne Keen's character Laura, a young mutant whose abilities are believed to be similar to Logan's.

Mangold has confirmed some of the plot details for the film, which will see Logan and the Professor hiding out near the Mexico border and will feature Boyd Holbrook as the film's villain, Donald Pierce. The film is due to arrive in UK cinemas on March 2nd, in the meantime you can find a trailer for Logan below...


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