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Director shortlist for Venom 2 unveiled
by Tom
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Director shortlist for Venom 2 unveiled

Three directors are on the shortlist to take charge of the sequel to Venom. 

The movie, which starred Tom Hardy, grossed over $850 million at the box office, leading Sony to quickly green-light a sequel. 

Director Ruben Fleischer,  however, is currently hard at work on the sequel to Zombieland and won't be available for the new movie, which will begin production in the autumn. 

According to Variety, three directors have been meeting producers about taking the gig. 

The three are Travis Knight, director of hit Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, Rupert Wyatt, the man behind Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and The Gambler, and finally Andy Serkis. 

All three have held meetings, but no one has emerged as the front runner for the role as yet. 

Venom starred Hardy as Eddie Brock, a journalist who begins looking into the work of Carlton Drake and his company The Life Foundation, who he believes are experimenting on humans. 

Through an accident at the foundation, Brock becomes bonded with an alien symbiote. The symbiote needs a human host to survive, who, in return, vests its victim with incredible powers...

Hardy and co-stars Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson are booked to return for the sequel. 

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