News - April 9, 2015

Disney planning new live-action adaptation of Pinocchio
by Tom
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Disney planning new live-action adaptation of Pinocchio

Disney is developing a new live-action version of classic animated story Pinocchio. 

According to Deadline, Peter Hedges, the writer and director of Dan In Real Life and The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, has been tasked with writing a new version of the iconic tale. 

The original animation, which told the story of Pinocchio, a puppet who is told he can become a real boy, if he proves himself worthy and stays out of trouble, was released back in 1940 and is considered one of Disney's all-time greats. 

Pinocchio is the latest in a string of live-action retellings of Disney's classics, they have already released new adaptations of Alice In Wonderland, Maleficent and, most recently, Cinderella. New adaptations of Beauty And The Beast, Dumbo and The Jungle Book are currently in production. 

As well as this, it was announced just last week that the studio were also developing a live-action version of Mulan, another of their animated classics. 

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