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Doctor Doom revealed in new Fantastic Four trailer
by John
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Doctor Doom revealed in new Fantastic Four trailer

Blockbuster season is about to get into full swing and the new trailer to this summer’s biggest movies are coming thick and fast. The latest? Josh Trank and Matthew Vaughn’s Fantastic Four.

The film stars Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan, Jamie Bell and Miles Teller as the titular four, with Toby Kebbell taking the role of the villainous Doctor Doom and tells the story of the group coming to terms with powers they acquired after being teleported to an alternate universe.

Doctor Doom is repacked in the film as a computer programmer gone bad, and is no longer named Victor Von Doom as he was in the source material, but Victor Domashev.

The film will hit cinemas on August 6th and, in the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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