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Doctor Strange 2 set to shoot in spring of 2019
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Doctor Strange 2 set to shoot in spring of 2019

The sequel to Doctor Strange looks set to shoot in the spring of 2019. 

According to the Daily Mirror, the shoot for the sequel could take up to six months, meaning it would be 2020 at the earliest before he returns as Sherlock. 

A source told the paper: “Benedict has become a huge player in the Marvel universe. But the nature of the shoot for the sequel means we’re looking at 2020 for the next time we see the sleuth in a full series – if it happens at all.”

The report also states that the sequel will earn Cumberbatch a whopping great pay rise, with a fee of £7.5 million on the table for the star, a five million pound increase from his fee for the first film. 

Cumberbatch was most recently seen in the role of Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War and will next be heard on the big screen voicing The Grinch in a new animated blockbuster based on Dr Seuss's beloved grouch. 

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