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Dusting Off... Run Lola Run
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Dusting Off... Run Lola Run

What is it?

Released in 1998, Run Lola Run is a German thriller written and directed by Cloud Atlas director Tom Twyker. Fans of the Bourne franchise may recognise Franka Potenta in the lead role of Lola, co-starring alongside Moritz Bliebtreu who plays her boyfriend Manni.

Manni owes his boss 100,000 DM (the film was released a year before Germany switched currency to the Euro) and is on the way to deliver a bag containing the cash to him, when he is distracted and ends up leaving the bag on the train. Realising his mistake just as the train begins to leave, he spots a homeless man moving towards the bag.

He calls Lola and tells her that they have 20 minutes to raise 100,000 DM or his boss, Ronnie (Heino Firch), will kill him.

The film is then split into three 'runs', each with a different outcome. Each decision she makes and every incident she encounters has a knock-on effect, changing not only her and Manni's lives but those of the people she encounters. When one run is complete , the film jumps back to the phone call at the beginning, and Lola's next run begins.

Each run ends very differently but, without wanting to spoil anything, the third and final run is definitely our favourite.

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run Tom Twyker

Why should I revisit?

Run Lola Run won praise from audiences and critics alike and was nominated for as many as 41 different awards, winning several of them, including the Audience Award at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. It's one of the best foreign-language films of the 90s and its concept, soundtrack and inventive animated sequences also make it one of the most interesting to watch.

Who will enjoy it?

Even if you're not particularly a fan of foreign-language films, this fast-paced action thriller has enough about it to keep you gripped and we'd recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.

Run Lola Run (HD) Trailer

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