Five Things We Learned - June 15, 2015

E3 Day One: Five Things We Learned
by James
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E3 Day One: Five Things We Learned

It's that time of year again when the great and good of the gaming world descend on California for three days of announcements, reveals and wild speculation. It can only be E3, and day one was all about Bethesda. Here are five talking points from the first day at this year's gaming Mecca...


We got our first real look at Fallout 4...

The biggest buzz on day one of this year's conference was around the announcement of the next game in the Fallout series, and it looks bigger and better than ever. Developers Bethesda closed their presentation by revealing the announcement trailer for the new game, which is powered by a brand new engine and starts out in pre-war Boston.

In Fallout 4 you'll be able to play a part in the events leading up to the end of the known world, whereupon you will survive the nuclear attacks and set about surviving in the post-apocalyptic world. Bethesda also announced that there will be playable female characters – in fact, their character creation feature means that the protagonist can be fully customised to your liking.

The new title is due to arrive in November this year, in the meantime you can watch the announcement trailer below...


...and that's not the only Fallout game on the horizon

As if the Fallout 4 announcement didn't get everybody excited enough, Bethesda also revealed a second Fallout game, entitled Fallout Shelter, a mobile-based game in which you create your own Vault and manage its inhabitants, allowing them to level up and gain new skills & weapons so you an send them out into the wasteland. Best of all, there's no waiting around for this one – the game is available as of right now.

Watch the announcement trailer below...


The new Doom looks amazing... and terrifying

Another of the big titles announced on the first day of the conference is the brand new Doom, due to arrive in Spring next year. Bethesda say that anyone who own Wolfenstein: The New Order will be the first ones to gain access to the Doom 4 beta, although when this will be available has yet to be announced.

From the look of the first trailer though, it'll be worth the wait. Check out the trailer for yourselves below...


Dishonoured 2 is coming and Emily is your new protagonist

Another of Bethesda's upcoming titles is the highly-anticipated sequel to Dishonoured, which the developers say will be coming 'sometime in 2016', although that's as much information on the release date as we've been given as of yet.

They did announce however that Dishonoured 2 will allow you to play the game as Emily Kaldwin, who fans of the first game will remember as the rightful heir to the throne. Set 15 years after the first game, the action in next year's instalment will take place after Lord Regent has been vanquished and after the events of the rat plague.

You'll be using new-found supernatural abilities to hunt and defeat your enemies on a journey from Dunwall to the city of Karnaca, a city which holds the key to restoring Emily to the throne.

Check out the announcement trailer below...


There are plenty of rumours doing the rounds already

Half the fun of E3 is speculating on what will be announced or confirmed and in addition to all the Bethesda-related excitement there are a few other things getting tongues wagging. One of the biggest talking points is the new Gears of War remaster, which looks likely to get a reveal over the next couple of days since details were apparently leaked on a Russian news website overnight. We also got treated to some stunning visuals from the darling of last year's E3 conference, No Man's Sky, as well as confirmation of Street Fighter character on the roster for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.

Bring on day two...