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Edgar Wright gets Ant-Man writing credit
by John
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Edgar Wright gets Ant-Man writing credit

Edgar Wright, originally slated to write and direct the Ant-Man movie before departing from the project, will still receive a writing credit for the finished movie.

Wright wrote a script before leaving the production, handing the reins to the film’s star Paul Rudd and Anchorman writer/director Adam McKay and much of Wright’s work appears to have made the final script.

It’s also understood that Peyton Reed, who replaced Wright as director, also used several of his storyboards to shoot the movie.

Wright cited “creative differences” as his reason for leaving the project last May.

Paul Rudd stars in the film as Scott Lang, a criminal able to shrink his size due to a suit created by scientist Dr. Hank Pim, played in the film by Michael Douglas.

Ant-Man will be released to cinemas on July 17th.

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