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Edge Of Tomorrow sequel back in active development
by Tom
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Edge Of Tomorrow sequel back in active development

The sequel to Edge Of Tomorrow is back in active development. 

According to Deadline, writer Matthew Robinson, the man behind The Invention Of Lying, has been hired to write a new take on the sequel. 

Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow (which was its title when released on DVD and Blu-Ray) starred Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as soldiers fighting a highly evolved alien race known as mimics.

The war they're involved in is on the verge of being lost, but suddenly they discover a new weapon.

When Cruise’s character William Cage is killed in combat early on, he discovers that he’s caught in a time loop and must live the same day over and over again, giving his side a new advantage in the war. 

Back in 2017, director Doug Liman confirmed that he would be returning for the sequel and that it had a working title of  Live Die Repeat And Repeat. 

Since then, development has slowed, with writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse completing a script, but no further confirmation. 

Both Cruise and Blunt have yet to sign up to return as they want to wait for the script to be complete, but are both reported to be keen to return. 


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