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Endless Love: What You Need To Know
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Endless Love: What You Need To Know

Tempestuous romantic drama Endless Love is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (June 16th), here’s what you need to know about this lovelorn drama...


What’s the plot?

Jade Butterfield is a girl from a wealthy family who has just graduated high school and is about to head off to one of the USA’s top colleges. Quiet and withdrawn, she has no real friends, preferring to read and spend time with her family, she’s not expecting too much from the summer, then she meets David…

David is charismatic, but down on his luck and unsure of what his future will hold. He approaches Jade and the two begin to date, thing is, Jade’s father Hugh really isn’t keen on the whole thing and he’s determined to do something about it…


Who’s in it?

This is a very American film with two British leads in the shape of Magic Mike supporting man Alex Pettyfer and rising star Gabriella Wilde. Bruce Greenwood (most recently seen as Kirk’s Dad in Star Trek) plays Jade’s father Hugh, with Joely Richardson also on deck as his wife Anne.


Does it deliver?

This is a straight down the line romantic drama. It takes its cues from all the films you’d expect, The Notebook, From Here To Eternity, A Walk To Remember, lots of rain and longing shots of the couple. If you love the work of Nicholas Sparks, then this will be your idea of heaven.


Endless Love is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (June 16th).

Endless Love
Endless Love Shana Feste
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