Five Reasons You’ll Love It - October 23, 2015

Entourage - Five Reasons You'll Love it
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Entourage - Five Reasons You'll Love it

After eight successful seasons, Entourage makes the step up to the big screen later this week with the launch of a movie spin-off. For the uninitiated, Entourage follows the life of fictional up-and-coming movie star Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier), and his gang of best mates / hangers-on. Loosely based on the experiences of executive producer Mark Wahlberg, the series starts off with Vince coming off the back of a breakthrough hit, and sees him run the gauntlet of Hollywood stardom, from starring in super-hero movies, proving his acting chops in indie dramas and ending up in rehab.

Making up is his crew are level-head Eric, his manager and best friend (Kevin Connolly); Turtle (Jerry Ferrera), his driver, ‘gofer’, and all-round chancer; and Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), the older Chase brother who was once the star of a syndicated sci-fi show but spends most of his time tagging onto his little brother’s fame. Rounding out the main cast is Vince’s hardball-playing agent Ari Gold (the always fiery Jeremy Piven).

Set a little while after the series’ ended, Ari is now head of the studio and he wants Vince to star in his first big movie, trouble is, Vince wants to direct it as well, his first ever directorial gig. What could possibly go wrong?

The movie comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday (October 26th), but we caught an early screening and loved it, here are five reasons you will too…


It doesn’t just feel like an extra-long episode of the TV show…

The problem with any conversion from the small screen to the big one is making it feel any different. You don’t want to alienate the fanbase you’ve built with the original show, but you have to make it feel like it’s on the silver screen for a reason. Thankfully that’s managed here quite skilfully, there are some big set pieces and the whole thing feels that much larger. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen the show or you’ve seen every last episode, there’s plenty to enjoy here.


Jeremy Piven is on fire once again…

As Vince’s agent Ari Gold was always the real star of the show and he’s on top form this time, killer put-downs from start to finish…


And Haley Joel Osment is a revelation…

The kid from The Sixth Sense has grown up and he’s hilarious. In this he plays Travis McCredle, the spoilt son of Ari Gold’s co-financier on Vince’s directorial debut, who quickly becomes a huge pain in everyone’s behinds. It’s brilliant.


It’s very, very funny…

The show’s cornerstone was its warm humour and killer one-liners, that’s no different with the movie.


There are more cameos than you can possibly believe…

Calvin Harris, Tom Brady, T.I., Jessica Alba, Russell Wilson, Nina Agdal, Rob Gronkowski, Liam Neeson, David Spade, Kelsey Grammar and Pharrell are just some of them, there are many, many more, it’s fun to stop them all.


Entourage is released on DVD on Monday (October 26th). Want to catch up on the series? Click here to check out the box set in our online store. 

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