Five Reasons You’ll Love It - December 22, 2014

Exodus: Gods And Kings – Five Reasons You’ll Love It
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Exodus: Gods And Kings – Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Legendary director Ridley Scott has tackled some huge landscapes and events during his career, from Ancient Rome and the medieval forests of Nottingham through to dystopian sci-fi and the world’s most notorious gangsters, he knows how to do epic better than anyone in the game.

So, for his latest effort, he’s chosen perhaps the most famous Bible story of all, that of Moses and his fall from Prince of Egypt to the slums of Pithom and his rise to leader of the Hebrews. It’s all in there, the biblical plagues, the 10 commandments, bush fires and it’s all captured in the new sword and sanadals epic Exodus: Gods And Kings. We caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons you’ll love it…


Christian Bale is on heroic form…

There aren’t many actors who are capable of stepping up to a role like that of Moses, but Bale is definitely one of them. It’s a difficult role, one beset with challenges, like having to talk to God (played, in this case, by a messenger in the form of a small child) and look convincing commanding a vast army of refugees, but he pulls it off, with great aplomb.


Joel Edgerton is suitably villainous…

The Great Gatsby star is perfectly cast here as the tormented, ego-driven Rameses, with a demented look in his eyes from the get go. He’s a terrific villain.


The plagues look incredible….

The great Biblical plagues are brought to life spectacularly and it’s quite something to witness. The frogs, locusts and rivers of blood are particularly special.


The action set pieces are breath-taking…

Scott knows how to make your jaw drop with a wide camera shot, he always has done and does so over and over again here. The early scenes in Pithom, the parting of the Red Sea are particularly stunning and the epic battles will all take your breath away.


It’s long, but not too long...

At 150 minutes, this will mean a good three hours in the cinema, but it doesn’t drag and the script actually feels pretty lean and there’s no drag in the plotting.


Exodus: Gods And Kings is released into cinemas on Boxing Day.

Exodus: Gods and Kings
Exodus: Gods and Kings Ridley Scott
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