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Five classic horror films (and five more new ones) to spook yourself with this Halloween
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Five classic horror films (and five more new ones) to spook yourself with this Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner we've got loads of offers in our stores on range of great horror flicks from Hammer horror favourites to modern classics, as well as loads of great TV shows, so if you're looking for the right film to scare yourself witless this weekend, below we've picked out five established favourites and five more new films that are destined to become classics...

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Recently the subject of a rather excellent remake directed by Kimberley Peirce, Brian De Palma's 1976 film still stands up as one of the best Stephen King adaptations and launched the career of a young Sissy Spacek in the process. High school can be a trying experience for any teenager, but when your mother is an overbearing religious zealot and you discover you have telekinetic powers, it's a recipe for disaster... but also for a great movie.



Do you know someone who has Coulrophobia? If the answer to that is 'yes', we'd be willing to bet that your clown-fearing friend saw this film at some point when they were younger, and to be fair to them the terrifying antagonist from Stephen King's It, Pennywise (played by Tim Curry), is enough to give anyone a lasting fear of red noses and oversized shoes. Originally aired as a two-part mini-series, the film features a group of six young friends called 'The Loser Club' who find themselves being terrorised by a monster in a clown outfit. You'll never want to go to a children's birthday party again.


Lost Boys

Perhaps not the scariest entry on this list, but The Lost Boys is still a classic worthy of revisiting. Joel Schumacher's 1987 stars Corey Feldmann, Kiefer Sutherland and Corey Haim as a group of friends convinced that their new neighbourhood is populated by vampires. It also includes one of the best death scenes in movie history.



Gil Keenan's remake of this classic 1982 horror arrived in stores this week, but the original is still brilliant and well worth another watch. Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams stars as the parents of a family that unwittingly buys a house built on an ancient burial ground and it isn't long before they realise they are not the only ones inhabiting their new home. But then things really escalate when their youngest daughter is pulled into the spirit world and one of them must enter another dimension to retrieve her.


The Shining

What happens when you throw Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson together? An all-time horror classic, that's what. Kubrick's film is a masterpiece of the genre and much of that is down top Nicholson's iconic performance as the increasingly disturbed writer Jack Torrance, whose mind begins to unravel in the spooky abandoned hotel that drives him to terrorise his own family. We can't recommend this film highly enough.

It Follows

Armed with a very modest budget, David Robert Mitchell's film takes a very simple concept and turns it into an oddly terrifying film in which the recipient of a curse is relentlessly followed by a mysterious, shape-shifting entity intent on murdering its victims. You can find more on the film in our full review here


The Babadook

One of the best low-budget horrors we've seen in recent years and an impressive directorial debut for Australian actor-turned-director Jennifer Kent, The Babadook not only presents a terrifying monster but also the psychologically chilling idea of being afraid of your own child. More on why you should watch this film here


The Conjuring

Another horror film with a modest budget, The Conjuring is based on the true story of a family in Rhode Island who found themselves being terrorised by what they believe to be the spirit of a suspected witch named Bathsheba Sherman, but the really unnerving thing about James wan's film is Annabelle, an evil-looking doll left in the house that seems to have a mind of its own. The film was a huge hit and Annabelle even got her own spin-off movie.



Scott Derrickson's film stars Ethan Hawke as a washed-up crime author who discovers a series of Super 8 films in his basement and realises that they may be connected to a murder case he is researching, but what he initially assumes to be a serial killer soon begins to take on a more supernatural dimension when he discovers a strange figure that appears in all the films.



Our final pick is probably the weirdest film on this entire list and sees Clerks director Kevin Smith turning his hand to the horror genre. Justin Long stars as a blogger and podcaster who travels to Canada to meet his next interview subject, but instead he becomes fascinated with a strange old man and his stories, deciding to visit his home and interview him instead. What he doesn't know is that his new interviewee has a sinister plan to surgically transform the young blogger into a walrus.

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