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Fourth Star Trek film could feature Chris Hemsworth, says J.J. Abrams
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Fourth Star Trek film could feature Chris Hemsworth, says JJ Abrams

It looks set to be a good week for Star Trek fans: with the third instalment in the rebooted franchise arriving in UK cinemas on Friday, this time directed by Justin Lin, J.J. Abrams, who directed the first two films in the rebooted series and retains a role as producer on the third, is already talking up a fourth instalment and it looks as though Chris Hemsworth is set to feature.

Fans of the movies will remember that Hemsworth appeared in Star Trek Into Darkness as George Kirk, father of USS Enterprise captain James Kirk, played by Chris Pine. However, fans will also remember that George was last seen with his own starfleet ship, the USS Kelvin, exploding around him, making a reappearance extremely unlikely.

But Abrams has other ideas, according to a report by Access Hollywood, telling one of their reporters that he does have plans to put the two Kirks together on screen:




He did not, however, give away any details and it should be stated that at this stage a fourth film has yet to be announced, so it isn’t even clear that Abrams will get the chance to put this plan into action, but if a fourth film does happen it seems we haven’t seen the end of George Kirk just yet. Watch this space…

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