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Fox set to reboot The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
by Tom
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Fox set to reboot The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

20th Century Fox is planning a new blockbuster adaptation of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemenaccording to reports overnight. 

The graphic novel series, which was penned originally by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil, was previously adapted by James Dale Robinson and director Stephen Norrington back in 2003.

Despite having a cast that included Sean Connery, Shane West, Peta Wilson and Stuart Townsend and taking almost $180 million at the box office, it was critically mauled and no sequel was ordered. 

According to Deadline, Fox has put Ira Napoliello and Matt Reilly as well as producer John Davis, in charge of the new movie. No writer, director or star is attached to the project at the moment. 

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen sees a team of literary heroes, including Captain Nemo, Allan Quatermain, Dr. Jekyll and Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, all joining forces to stop great disasters, all on behalf of the British Intelligence Service. 

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