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Friday Night Lights set for big screen reboot
by Tom
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Friday Night Lights set for big screen reboot

Beloved TV series Friday Night Lights is set for a big screen reboot. 

The show, which ran for five seasons, told the story of a high school football team in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas and the adventures of the players and coaches on and off the field. 

The series was based on the 1990 nonfiction book by H. G. Bissinger and was also adapted as the 2004 film of the same name. 

According to Variety, Universal Pictures have tasked Stronger director David Gordon Green with the reboot.

It had been discussed to present a sequel to both the film and TV series, but in the end they have chosen to go with a completely different setting and cast of characters, while still focused on the world of high school in Texas and the impact it has the community.

Gordon Green is currently overseeing another reboot, a reworking of horror hit Halloween, and he will then move on to Friday Night Lights

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