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Full cast list unveiled for Avengers: Infinity War
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Full cast list unveiled for Avengers: Infinity War

The full cast list for Avengers: Infinity War has been unveiled and it will feature 22 of Marvel's heroes. 

The movie and its as yet untitled sequel will shoot concurrently in 2017 and will feature an enormous cast that sees stars of Doctor Strange, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant-Man uniting with the current Avengers line-up for the new outing. Also joining the cast is Brie Larson, who is newly cast as Captain Marvel. 

The news was revealed by industry website Movie Casting Call, who posted details of open auditions for extra and doubles for the movies' lengthy shoot. You can see the full list of stars at the bottom of the page. 

The first part of the third Avengers movie is due for release in May 2018 and the second in May 2019. 

Captain America: Civil War is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now and available to pre-order on the right-hand side of the page. 

Click here to read our full review of the movie. 


The current line-up of heroes for Avengers: Infinity War is as follows:

Chris Hemsworth – Thor
Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow
Chris Evans – Captain America
Robert Downey Jr – Tony Stark / Iron Man
Mark Ruffalo – The Hulk
Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye
Elizabeth Olsen – Scarlet Witch
Paul Bettany – Vision
Sebastian Stan – Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
Brie Larson – Captain Marvel
Benedict Cumberbatch – Dr Stephen Strange
Samuel L Jackson – Nick Fury
Paul Rudd – Ant-Man
Benedict Wong – Wong
Josh Brolin – Thanos
Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther
Chris Pratt – Star-Lord/Peter Quill
Zoe Saldana – Gamora
Karen Gillan – Nebula
Bradley Cooper – Rocket Raccoon
Vin Diesel – Groot
Dave Bautista – Drax

Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

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