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Furious 7 roars into the box office, breaks records
by Kim
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Furious 7 roars into the box office, breaks records

The latest chapter in the Fast and Furious franchise smashed the competition at the box office this past weekend, with the film netting $384 million (U.S.) globally and becoming the biggest American debut since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in November 2013.

Furious 7 was also the biggest debut in the franchise’s history.

It wasn’t just North Americans – who alone brought in $143 million - digging the ecstatically reviewed action-adventure. The movie also scored in Latin America, Asia and Europe with the U.K. alone racking up $19 million in ticket sales. In 26 countries, the movie delivered the biggest opening weekend of all time, including Mexico and Taiwan.

Sadly, the death of star Paul Walker doubtless helped sales, with fans queuing to see the actor one last time.

Universal Studios intended to open the seventh instalment of the series last July, but production was halted in November 2013 when Walker died in a tragic car crash during a Thanksgiving hiatus. Work resumed with Walker’s brothers Cody and Caleb standing in for him and CGI used to complete the final shots.


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