Five Reasons You’ll Love It - October 20, 2014

Fury – Five Reasons You’ll Love It
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Fury – Five Reasons You’ll Love It

Fury, the new WWII drama, inspired by real-life accounts from soldiers and starring the likes of Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal and Logan Lerman closed the London Film Festival last night (October 19th) before hitting cinemas this Wednesday (October 22nd).

The film follows the travails of Don 'Wardaddy' Collier', a battle-hardened army sergeant who commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Tasked with protecting a supply convey, they're hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered and face an uphill battle to survive. 

We caught an early screening and have rounded up five reasons why you’ll love it…


Brad Pitt is on top form…

Leading the charge in this brutal drama, Pitt plays Collier, the battle-hardened, hardass, but surprisingly caring sergeant who’s in charge of Fury. He’s stoic, he’s charming, but there’s an undercurrent of menace and controlled aggression running through Pitt’s performance that is both unsettling and captivating. He won’t be the frontrunner for an Oscar, but he’ll be in the mix for it.


Shia LaBeouf gives his best performance since Holes…

After two years of flying apologetic planes, making daft public appearances and hanging out with Lars Von Trier, Shia LaBeouf finally reminds us all why he’s sometimes worth the trouble. Here, as Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan, he gives a performance so intense, it’s borderline frightening. He also reportedly didn’t wash for the whole of filming, that’s commitment…


And they’re supported by an excellent cast…

The rest of Team Fury are just as excellent as Pitt and LaBouef, Jon Bernthal, who you’ll know from The Walking Dead, Percy Jackson himself Logan Lerman, and Michael Pena, who starred in End Of Watch. Lerman plays Norman ‘Machine’ Eliision, a hapless terrified private who is sent straight from the typing pool to operate a machine gun, Bernthal plays the feral, fearsome Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis, with Pena as Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia, like Pitt, all their performances are laced with desperation and menace. It’s an excellent cast.


David Ayer’s script is taut and his direction expert…

The End Of Watch man is on both writing and directing duty here and does an excellent job in both regards. The script is taut, lean and full of whipsmart one-liners, the period detail is incredible and the film is superbly paced.

Although we can see why, after months in the mud, creating some dreadful battle scenes, he fancies doing something a little more on the fun side next time, hence why he’s attached to direct DC’s Suicide Squad…


The film's action sequences are staggering...

The movie builds and builds towards this final battle, and boy, is it worth the wait, as action sequences go, this is up there with the best of them. 


Fury is released into cinemas on Wednesday (October 22nd) and will come out on DVD next year.

Fury David Ayer
Fury Official Trailer (2014) Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf

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